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Is Teriyaki Sauce Halal in Islam?

Teriyaki sauce is a popular condiment in Japanese cuisine, known for its sweet and savory flavor profile. For individuals who follow a halal dietary lifestyle, the question arises: Is teriyaki sauce halal or haram? so first, you understand the ingredients of teriyaki sauce if the ingredients are halal then the sauce is halal otherwise it’s haram. … Read more

Can a Man See a Woman Without Hijab?

In the realm of Islamic matrimony, the concept of modesty, often symbolized by the hijab, holds paramount importance. In Islam, the question of whether can a man see a woman without a hijab before marriage is a matter of interpretation and cultural context. The key consideration in Islam regarding interactions between unrelated men and women … Read more

A Guide On Women’s Rights in Islam

Allah has made every woman beautiful in a unique way. Islam has taught every person about the vitality of gender equality. It has emphasized that no woman is lower in any case. Islam is the religion of love and equality. But, due to current cultural and social notions, people began to wonder if Islam supports … Read more

Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas? | 25 Dec 2023

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, individuals from various religious backgrounds often find themselves contemplating whether it’s appropriate to partake in celebrations that don’t belong to their own faith. For Muslims, the question arises, Can Muslims celebrate Christmas? is a complex one, involving considerations of religious beliefs, cultural diversity, and personal values. Understanding Christmas As the … Read more