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Is Fanta Cold Drink Halal? | Ayesha Quran Academy

Fanta, a popular fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink brand, has been enjoyed by people all over the world for many years. Many people, both kids and grown-ups, love Fanta because of its vibrant, tasty flavors and cool packaging. 

But as the world becomes increasingly aware of food and beverage ingredients, many people are curious to know if Fanta is considered to be Halal.

Is Fanta Cold Drink Halal Or Haram?

What Makes a Drink Halal?

In order for a drink to be considered Halal, it must meet certain criteria. It should not contain any intoxicates, haram (forbidden), or animal-derived ingredients. 

The lack of Haram ingredients or animal product derivatives and alcohol in the manufacturing and production of the drink is what would make it a halal-friendly drink.

Is Fanta Halal?

Yes, Fanta is usually considered halal. It doesn’t have anything harmful, forbidden, or coming from animals. The fact that Fanta is made without any forbidden ingredients, animal stuff, or alcohol is why people say it’s a drink that follows halal rules.

Ingredients in Fanta

Here is a table of the common ingredients in Fanta.

IngredientHalal Status
Carbonated WaterHalal
Acidifier: Citric AcidHalal
Emulsifier: Gum ArabicHalal
Preservative: Potassium SorbateHalal
Acidity Regulator: Sodium CitrateHalal
Natural Identical Citrus FlavorsHalal
Antioxidants: Ascorbic Acid and Calcium Disodium (EDTA)Halal
Colour: TartrazineHalal
All these ingredients are generally considered Halal

Popular Fanta Varieties and Their Halal Status

Fanta VarietyHalal Status
Fanta OrangeHalal
Fanta GrapeHalal
Fanta StrawberryHalal
Fanta PineappleHalal
Fanta Piña ColadaHalal
Fanta BerryHalal
Fanta PeachHalal
All these varieties are generally considered Halal

Halal Cold Drinks

Sure, here are some halal alternatives to Fanta

  1. Coca-Cola: This globally recognized brand is generally considered halal.
  2. Pepsi: Another popular choice, Pepsi is also considered halal.
  3. Sprite: This lemon-lime-flavored drink is a great halal alternative.
  4. 7-Up: This is another lemon-lime flavored drink that is considered halal.
  5. Mountain Dew: This citrus-flavored drink is also a halal option.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check the specific ingredients on the packaging of the product you buy, as they can vary by country and flavor


Fanta is generally considered to be halal. It doesn’t contain any intoxicates, haram, or animal-derived ingredients. The lack of Haram ingredients or animal product derivatives and alcohol in the manufacturing and production of the Fanta recipe is what would make this a halal-friendly drink. 

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